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Hiring Clutterguys is the right decision. With decades of experience in the waste and recycling industry, we are true professionals in the removal of your unwanted items. Down to our core, we believe your clutter is not junk. With many opportunities locally to recycle, repurpose or reuse your clutter, your clutter may never see a landfill.

WE LOAD – a fully trained team arrive at a scheduled time to remove those bulky, awkward unwanted items. With our handy tools of the trade, we will turn your task into a breeze. Carrying full WCB and liability insurance, you can relax, we got this! Whether you are short on time, unable to lift safely, or do not have access to a vehicle for hauling, the Clutter Guys are ready.


WE LOAD TRUCK – Our rate are based on volume filled in the truck. Our 14yd truck is charged by the 1/4 load – full load. Our crews can estimate loads onsite, or you may have already been given a quote over the phone prior to our arrival. At the end of the loading process, we will base the charges on total space taken inside our vehicle. If you are onsite, you can confirm yourself by looking at the load before we take payment. If you are not onsite we will happily send you a photo(s) of the completed work via text or email.


YOU LOAD – have one of our perfect sized containers delivered to your home for up to a week. Choose between 6, 12 or 20yd containers for your project. Designed to not take up the whole driveway, our containers can handle it all.



The Clutterguys are a strong crew with one common goal; To help you live clutter free!

Matt Torgerson CEO & Founder Clutter Guys Junk Removal

Matt Torgerson

CEO & Founder

Literally born into the industry, Matt has grown up involved in a family waste and recycling business based in Surrey BC. Matt has developed recycling methods and waste diversion programs for thousands in the Metro Vancouver area. Clutter Guys were started from the idea that the term “JUNK Removal” does not reflect the true meaning of our service. We move clutter, and by doing so, remove stress from your life. It’s like a weird method of therapy, but it works!

Matt Haller Field Manager Clutter Guys Junk Removal

Matt Haller

Field Manager

Experience – Matt has over 10 years helping customers with junk removal, waste, and recycling work. As a dedicated solutions provider, Matt ensures all work is completed to the customer’s expectations every time. As a father of 3, he understands that today’s efforts in diversion will ensure a cleans and viable future for our next generation.





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