Following on from our successful Top 25 household items to clear out, we’re back with another list to help you clear out the clutter from your home.

There’s no need for cleaning out your junk to be stressful. Follow these simple tips to get rid of items that you really don’t need, and some handy hints for ways to reduce the clutter in your life.

1. Unidentifiable keys

Most recycling centers have mixed metal bins you can toss old keys in. Make sure to remove any rubber coverings before you recycle.

2. Tired Sunday best

If you know you’ll never wear it after the event, sell it or donate it — there are several organizations that will take that old bridesmaid, prom dress or tux off your hands to give to someone in need.

junk removal - old clothes

3. Reading glasses

You probably have a drawer with all your old reading glasses. Clear out any that you don’t wear anymore and donate them to a good cause.

4. Business cards

Congrats, you just got promoted! And now you’ve got 300 unused business cards with your old title. Go ahead and recycle them.

5. Umbrellas

The frustration a flimsy, broken umbrella brings is worth the cost of replacing it.

6. Phone chargers and cables

A friend or relative might be able to use a spare USB cable or an old charger. Anything you can’t give away can usually be recycled in electronic stores or online. Keep unruly cords organized by using media boxes that are divided into “cubbies” with scraps of cardboard. Label each section, so you’ll never confuse the camera cord for the phone charger again, and give the boxes a bit of color by decorating the cardboard with scrapbook paper.

junk removal - old phone cables

7. Remote controls

Between digital video recorders, DVD players and cable boxes, most homeowners have more remote controls than they know what to do with. Get rid of extras you don’t recognize anymore.

8. Music compilations 

CD collection getting dusty? Organize the ones you really want to keep and sell or give away the rest.

9. Paint cans

Properly sealed (read: air-tight) paint can last for up to 10 years if kept at an even temperature and prevented from freezing. However if, like most of us, you store leftover paint in the garage or shed, the temperature swings will cause it to break down much quicker. If you have old paint cans with bulging lids, leaky seams or, once opened, a thick layer of dried paint on top, it’s time to give that can the toss. But, before tossing, research safe disposal steps by contacting your local household hazardous waste center. If the paint is still usable, you may even be able to donate it to a local charity, like Habitat for Humanity or even a local scout troop or school that could use the paint for crafts.

10. Receipts

If you think you might return it or need to keep a receipt for a warranty, try scanning the receipts and keeping copies online instead of an old shoebox.

11. Beaten up books

If your favorite read is falling apart, it may be time to buy a new copy.

12. Curtains and drapes

You brought them thinking surely they’d fit a window in your new place — your new set of windows say otherwise. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, old window treatments can be altered to fit your new space.

13. Licence plates

You’re never going to use them again, so time to clear that spot for something new.

junk removal - licence plates

14. User manuals

Most appliance manuals have an online version. Keep really important ones together in a folder.

15. Gadgets and appliances

If you’ve only used that fryer once since you bought it, give it away.

16. Soaps 

Unless you’re really dedicated to melting down the slivers into one mega-soap, toss them out.

17. Picture frames

An exception: If you love the frame but the glass is shattered, you can get a new piece cut to size at a local glass repair shop.

18. Bottles and jars

You misplaced the lid long ago or an old favourite has a crack. Time to move on!

junk removal - bottles

19. Games and puzzles with missing pieces

It’s not nearly as fun if you don’t have all the pieces. Time to recycle what you can and clear out those cupboards!

20. Street maps

Let your GPS do all the hard work. You could try mounting keepsake maps as wall art.

21. Potpourri and house plants

Once the scent fades, flowers drops their petals, leaves litter everywhere, and potpourri quickly turns into a dust magnet.

22. Disposable cameras

Everyone’s still got a couple lying around. If you’ve still got some that you haven’t used, turn it into a game — hand them out to family and friends then get the pictures developed to see what you get!

23. Craft supplies

Maybe you thought you’d start a new hobby during lockdown but life got in the way. Re-gift them to a loved one with a passion for arts and crafts. Anything damaged or dried up paints and pens are fit for the bin!

24. Musical instruments

Giving up on the flute lessons? Musical instruments can be donated and given a second life to someone who needs them.

junk removal - musical insturments

25. Plastic storage containers

If it’s got a spaghetti stain that just won’t come out, let it go.

If you’ve been thinking of having a clear out why wait? There’s no time like the present for making your house feel like home again by removing all of the junk and unused items from your living space. If you need a hand taking things to the skip, and you’re in Vancouver BC contact Clutter Guys for bin rental, house clearances, and much more!

Also, check out our other articles for more handy tips and tricks like this — your junk is our passion!